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The #1 Motivational Speaker & Female Mentor in Korea Becomes a Startup CEO

MK Kim is recognized as Korea’s top motivational speaker encouraging dreams, challenges, and self-development. MK’s passionate speeches move people’s hearts and propels them to action. She is Korea’s leading female mentor, and has become known as the founding CEO of a fast-growing startup after establishing the MKYU online university, through a digital transformation launched by her recent book MK Kim’s Reboot.

MK’s book contains not only the message she shared about dreams and challenges through her 28-year speaking career, but also realistic strategies and messages of empathy earned after not giving up on her career and developing herself as a mother of three children in conservative Korean society.

Korea’s economy has grown continually, but women’s socioeconomic position and difficulties have not changed much. In this state, many young working women and housewives gain comfort and consolation from MK’s advice which stems from her real-life experiences. Every woman who desires to develop herself in a challenging reality will find realistic advice and solutions in MK’s book.

MK’s books have always attracted the attention and love of many people. Many of her past 22 books have become bestsellers, four of which topped the national bestseller list. Seven were translated and published in numerous countries including China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand, and are still sought out by women around the world.

In addition to MK Kim’s Reboot, her bestsellers include a collection of her best speeches titled This One Statement Saved Me, a self-development book icon with a message to turn on the ‘dream switch’ titled Dream On, a push for working women in their 30s to grasp their passion titled Critiques from an Older Sister, encouragement and solutions for raising children based on personal experienced titled A Mom’s Search for Self-Esteem, a coaching manual for impactful speaking content titled Art Speech, and a decade-long steadyseller for wives who do not want to give up on their family, career, or dreams titled A Wife with a Dream Doesn’t Age.

MK Kim’s Top Bestsellers


Reboot Winner Note (Re-starting Myself After Being Stopped by COVID)

Due to incredible demand by readers of Reboot, MK published a checklist of 70 items and a Q&A list to review yourself at this stage during the pandemic. This 100-day journal allows you to rewrite your life scenario.


MK Kim’s Dream On
(Live as a Dream Worker)

Turn on the switch in your dream! Sharing the dream alchemy, MK proposes that “having a dream is not a language of success or achievement, but introspection and growth.” Having a dream means having direction, technique, skill, and a formula; there is a formula to achieving your dream. Create your dream with four dream resources, and turn on the switch in your dream using seven rules.


Critiques from an Older Sister
(For the Unstable 30s)

The bestseller that made MK Kim a household name in Korea. As a motivational speaker who has nurtured working women for 28 years, MK awakens the determination of women in their 30s with critiques based on personal experience. This book holds MK’s unique insights and clear answers that can be applied directly to real life in various fields such as career, marriage, and love.


This One Statement Saved Me
(MK’s Words that Pick You Up a 101th TIme)

The collection of best speeches by MK Kim, this generation’s best female mentor. Quotes were selected from the most loved videos in which MK communicated with her online subscribers as she transformed from ‘speaker MK’ to ‘YouTuber MK.’ Following the text, you may find yourself with the one statement that saves you.


A Mom’s Search for Self-Esteem
(I May Say Sorry a Thousand Times, but I am Still Mom)

A heartful prescription for moms who face doubt and worry. She may stand on a fancy stage as a speaker, but returns home to being a working mom of three children. Through personal experiences of raising and educating children, MK shares messages of comfort, encouragement, empathy and solutions.


Art Speech
(Speaking Textbook)

Nationally-recognized speaker MK Kim introduces her long-standing know-how of captivating an audience. The book delivers how to speak with emotion, and how to touch a person’s heart with content. Art Speech presents a unique approach to creating genuine content, understanding the audience, showcasing various expressions through vocal volume and rhythm, and using visuals like facial expressions, gaze, and gestures to capture the audience’s attention.


A Wife with a Dream Doesn’t Age

a mega-steadyseller, which has sold more than 1 million copies since its first edition released in 2007. Unfortunately, the reality for wives still has not changed since then. This book provides a clue to questions shared by ordinary women in their 30s and 40s who are raising children either full-time or while working. This book serves as a manual for “wives with dreams” who don’t want to give up on family, career, or dreams, and has captivated more than 3 million wives. Save a wife’s dying dream!

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