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Connecting your true dreams with the world.
Study and grow with MKYU.

MK Kim, Korea’s #1 motivational speaker for 30 years, gained another title in 2019, “President of MKYU.” MKYU stands for MK & You University: a university that you and MK create together. MKYU launched in January 2019 through an online community started by MK Kim and MKTV subscribers; it began with the goal of creating and growing the community together.

MKYU is not your typical university. There is no regular college system, and it is not approved by one government. The world is our campus, and our students learn and communicate online. The majority of our students are women in their 30s-50s.

노트북 회사원

Women in this age period share something in common: they dream of a “second 20s.” They yearn to achieve the precious dreams, goals, and challenges they left behind in their first 20s as they went through marriage, childbirth, and getting a job.

MKYU’s mission is to bring out that passion, allow them to grasp their second dream, and connect it with the world. We call each other “passionate college students.” Many women enter the school to study with MK, their mentor and role model. Having taught female self-development and leadership for 30 years, MK truly understands and cares about the lives and concerns of women in their 30s-50s.

That’s why MKYU’s curriculum is “just like MK.” No lectures are boring or difficult.


Just like MK’s speeches, the lectures are easy, accessible, and directly applicable in real life. Like MK’s fast-paced personality, new relevant classes are created quickly as the world changes little by little after COVID. MKYU lectures include topics from Instagram for small business and creating your own online shopping mall to psychology, digital trends, and climate change; some courses provide a ‘digital tutor license’ after students learn how to teach using smartphones to the elderly, contributing to society.

MKYU not only offers online classes, but also gives assignments for each lecture; scholarships and even new laptops are given as gifts to encourage studying. Our students become more and more like MKYU: students independently formed more than 200 book clubs to learn from each other, wake up at dawn and write journals of gratitude. There are mentors and TAs that help students study as well.

Unlike other online educational platforms, MKYU is home to a warm, welcoming community.

In May 2021, one year after launching the official site, MKYU has reached 50,000 paid students and 50 courses, currently on its way to become Korea’s largest online educational platform. The best students and the best teachers are gathering at MKYU.

MK is showing a practical path and sharing encouragement for many people who do not have a way to express their own true colors so they can chase their dreams.

MKYU is just beginning. Join MK on this journey.

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