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It's time to Reboot yourself! 
Top Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, 
Entrepreneur and Youtube Creator with 1.3M Subscribers


MK KIM’s extraordinary talent that made the channel so successful. Over the last 27 years, MK has shared her stories and opinions on people’s inner growth, dream and insight based on her superior ability to handle even the most complex and deep topics in the most appealing and intelligible manner. In particular, MKSHOW is acknowledged as the representative Korean talk show where the overseas best-selling authors wish to star in. Known as the famous host of ‘Kim Mi-kyung Show’ on TV a few years ago, MK now hosts her YouTube show, MKSHOW on a global level, inviting famous writers and celebrities from overseas.

MK also has created the reading boom in Korea by launching Book Drama, the best book review show in Korea. Every book MK has introduced became bestsellers, with more than tens of thousands of women reading MK’s recommendations. Furthermore, dozens of ‘Book Drama Clubs,’ book clubs founded based on MK’s review, are highly active all around the world including Korea, the U.S., and Southeast Asia. MK is not only an amazing content creator but also an extremely attractive show host. 

The Best Motivational Speaker in Korea and the Founder of MK YouTube University

In Korea, MK KIM is a synonym for ‘the best instructor.’ For the past almost 30 years, MK has shared her insights on women’s dreams, future and growth through TV, corporate lectures and large-scale lectures. She also has been lecturing passionately on various topics including leadership, personal relations, speech and educating children.

In 2019, she founded MK YouTube University, and more than 60,000 students from all over the world are currently enrolled as paid-up students. MKYU is an entirely new education model that combined YouTube and on-line university in early stage. MKYU offers variety high quality classes. The students also participate in book clubs around the world to support each other and share motivation. The foundation of MKYU is the creation of a ‘lifelong education platform’ by integrating know-hows acquired from several decades of lecturing with new media, allowing students to study and develop themselves alongside each other.

The Author of the Best-selling

Self-Development Books in Korea

MK is a representative best-selling Korean author. Among around 20 books she published, three topped the bestseller list, which are: ‘MY DREAM, MY REALITY : 10 STEPS YOU MUST TAKE TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE(2013)’ which is on personal dream and growth; ‘ANSWER TO BEAUTIFUL LIFE : 50 ANSWERS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MORE BEAUTIFUL(2016)’ which reflects MK’s insights on life; and, ‘MOM, BUILD YOUR SELF-ESTEEM FIRST(2017)’ which emphasizes the self-esteem of mothers and their children. The accumulated sales total of MK’s books exceeds 5 million copies, and seven of her books were translated and published in Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Her books are also available as electronic copies at Kindle Store.

Tropical Leaves

It's time to Reboot yourself

The Most Trusted Mentor for Korean Women

Many Korean women wish to meet MK, and when they do, they move to tears and say, “Your stories were what made me muster up my courage when I was down and out.


” The reason why so many women have faith in and depend on MK is that her life was not different from theirs. Born as the second daughter of a small boutique in the countryside, MK had to seek herself out ever since she was young, without the help of her parents. After majoring in composition and making her living out of a small piano academy, she came up with the dream of becoming an instructor at the age of 29 and started changing her life. Many women were inspired as they witnessed an ordinary, unwealthy mother of three children dramatically change her life as she pursued her dream. Taking up new challenges even in her mid-fifties, MK is a role model and the most reliable female mentor.

Chairperson of the Board of Directors of

Growmom Corporation, a Support Group for Single Moms


MK loves and respects single mothers the most, as they have mustered their courage twice in situations ordinary women do not necessarily need to; they chose to give birth to their children instead of abortion, and they chose to raise the children on their own instead of putting them up for adoption.


And MK holds a firm philosophy, “the single moms who made bold choices should be given more opportunities and be treated better by the society.” For this reason, MK founded an NGO named Growmom in 2016 and provided supports to approx. two hundred single moms such as counseling, education and books and other goods for the mothers and the children. In 2017, Growmom hosted a fashion show dedicated to single moms for the first time in Korea, where ten single moms walked down the runway as models alongside celebrities. To Korean single moms, MK is the ‘big sister.’

MK is 100% Korean, with zero experience studying abroad: no wonder she found it difficult to talk with foreigners in English. But that was only until two years ago, when she declared in her mid-50s that she would take up a new challenge. ‘I want to communicate and share my stories with people all around the world in foreign language.’ And two years later, from 2019, MK started giving lectures and interviewing foreign authors in English. And her books are available at Kindle store. MK launced Vietnamese Facebook page and YouTube channel, and also opened MKKIM, an English-only global channel. On BTS SKOOL clips which explain how BTS successfully made their way into the global market, overseas Armies are commenting in English and agreeing with MK’s stories.

The emergence of global platforms such as YouTube or Facebook is facilitating trans-border content distribution, through which MK was able to share her special wisdom in life with not only the Koreans and the Asians, but also with the bigger audience around the world. Also, as the host of a YouTube channel with one million subscribers, she is inclined to serve her role as an intermediary in introducing valuable foreign content or foreign celebrities and authors with unique stories to Korea.

A Global Content Creator Popular

in Both Korea and Overseas

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