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“Her lecture gave me the strength to stand firm again.”

For the last 27 years, MK always remained at her zenith as a communications, leadership and motivational instructor. Furthermore, through TV and YouTube, MK has instilled new hope and passion for women preoccupied in all sorts of ways and housewives who lost their grip on their dreams. Even at this very moment, many Korean women all around the world continue thanking MK, “When I was falling into the bottomless pit, your lecture brought me back up again.”

"The Brightest Star in Motivational Speech Sector", may even be the North Star that guides a sailor who is drifting in the Great Oceans. Whether it's a book or a lecture, the content she makes tells people how to live and it is also connected to "self-esteem." The listeners get courage from her.

(2019.05.07 Reading News)

 Kim Mi-kyung, a star instructor who is outspoken in her husky voice. Her voice is sweeping through the bookstore. She was ranked third in all kinds of books with strong titles such as "Invective" and "Stop dreaming"

(2013.02.19 TV Chosun)

Star instructor Kim Mi-kyung advises people who are living in the competitive society on how to turn on the "dream switch" without being frustrated in front of one's dream.

(2012.12.30. Seoul Economy)

MK’s Lecture Topics

Think like BTS and succeed

How to Grasp Oneself Again - For Those Afraid of Beginning

Big Sister’s Advice to Women Feeling Lost

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